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Baseball Moves Forward in Hopes of a 2021 Season

As baseball prepares for the 2021 season, memories of a lost 2020 season still remain fresh on their minds.  Current member of the team, senior, Nick Aaron, reflects on the cancelled spring season and hopes the worst is behind them:

This past year was a tough time for the Russell County Laker baseball team. Everything was going great and all of a sudden things took a turn for the worst. As usual we started the off-season by lifting and getting our bodies back in shape. After we all put in many hours of hard work at the gym we transferred over to the cage for winter practices. We had two seniors returning, Briley Hadley (First Baseman) and Hunter Thomas (Catcher). While Briley was competing in his senior basketball season, Hunter was working and preparing himself for his last ride with the Laker baseball team. He pushed us all to work hard and limit our mistakes in the winter to prepare us for team practices in the spring. After many long and tiring hours in the winter, we were inching closer to our first try-out date.

Try-outs went well and everyone that stuck with us through the winter had made the team. As usual Coach Rexroat, Coach Clark, Coach Taylor, and Coach Bennett were pushing us to work hard and get better in practices every day. They expected more out of Hunter and the rest of us older players. We were prepping the field each day and getting it game ready for our home opener against our rivals, Somerset. Then, bad news struck the team; the spring season and school year had been shut-down due to Coronavirus.

It was a heartbreaker for our seniors, as well as the rest of us. From then on we all went our own ways and tried to make the best of the situation. Once summer came around, we finally got to hang-out with our two seniors and learn what everyone had been up to. It felt good to be back with each other again, but also sad at the same time. We felt bad for the seniors that had worked so hard over the years to have their final season come to such an abrupt end. Though it was a tragic time for these players we have got to keep our heads up and look forward to the next year.

At the end of the day, we learned to never take things for granted because you never know what life can throw at you. As we start in the fall we will train in hopes of having our 2021 season, but know that nothing is guaranteed. All we can do is work hard and hope to play our season.

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