RCHS Senior Class of 2020 Farewell Tribute Film

Over the past few weeks, members of the senior class at RCHS and I have been working together to create a film to commemorate our senior year which has been abruptly taken away from us by the coronavirus pandemic.

The final result was a film that was written, directed, and edited by me; but I had tons of help from many different individuals. A few that I would like to recognize specifically for their hard work are Jayden Padilla, Keira Belcher, and Kalee Smith. These ladies were essential in posting updates, assigning lines, and keeping everything in order.

The entire yearbook staff, as well as every individual who participated in the video, deserves to be recognized as well. I hope that each of you enjoys this film in its entirety because a lot of passion, love, and commitment went into making it, and I pray that it shed some positive light on such a dark situation.

Thank you and God Bless,
Kolten Grider
Senior Class President
RCHS Class of 2020

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