Class Scheduling Info for Next Year’s Seniors

The following is a transcript of information contained in Mrs. Davidson’s informational video. The registration Google Form she mentions is linked below…

  1. This video is ONLY for current 11th graders, those who will be seniors at RCHS next year. There will be future instructions for other grade levels.  We will take each grade level at a time. In order to minimize confusion, please do not fill out scheduling information if you are not an upcoming 12th grader.
  1. Before you begin to schedule for your senior year, you need to know that our class schedule will be set up differently next year. We will be on what is called a “modified block.” This means that 1st and 2nd classes will be periods. They will be shorter in length, and they will last ALL YEAR.  3rd, 4th, and 5th will be blocks, similar to what you are used to, and those classes will last until CHRISTMAS, and then you will get 3 new classes for 3rd, 4th, and 5th. You will still have 8 classes in total.
  1. We are giving you a link here to a Google Form. This Google Form is very important. The information you submit will be used in order to create your schedule. Let me go over what is on the Google Form.
    1. First, you will see a list of Course Offerings. This has course names and numbers you will need to use later when filling out your form.
    2. Next, you will see the master schedule.  This is VERY important, because it tells you when each class is offered during the day.  You will be planning out what period/block you want each class. It is crucial that you do not put down two classes from the same column on a this sheet, because that means they are taught at the same time.  Again, you will choose 8 classes in total. 2 periods (1st and 2nd) and 6 blocks (3 first semester, 3 second semester).
    3. Third is the registration sheet. This is the paper that we normally give you to fill out and bring back to us. You are still welcome to print or write this out on your own paper so that you plan your schedule BEFORE filling out the form and submitting it.  
    4. Lastly, will be the actual survey/form that you submit to us electronically.  Important things to remember: Use your full name please, so we know who you are; provide at least TWO phone numbers so that we can reach you if we have questions or a class fills up, choose 1 class per time frame, list alternates (again, in case something fills up).
    5. As a senior, please don’t forget that you MUST take both a math and an English course to fulfill graduation requirements.
    6. If you are choosing vocational courses, they are labeled at the bottom of the second page on the “master schedule.”  If you are unsure of what course to take to finish your pathway, or if you believe you may be participating in a co-op next year, please reach out to Mrs. Roy at the LCATC. We work very closely with her when creating student schedules.
    7. If you are choosing a class that requires an application (Yearbook, Peer Tutoring, Current Events, etc…) please be sure that you reach out to the teacher of that class to find out how to submit your application electronically. 
    8. If you have signed up, or intend on signing up for an online dual-credit class, please reach out to Ms. Rixon (That information is found on the course offerings page.).
  1. We will complete schedules in the order that we receive them, and we will reach out to you if we have any questions, which is why having contact numbers is so important.
  1. We know that this is a completely new way of scheduling, but we are here for you, and we will make the best of the situation to get you what you need (and hopefully most of what you want) for next year.

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