NTI After Spring Break: Everything you Need to Know (for now)

It was just announced Thursday (4/2) that school will remain closed for in-person classes until at least May 1. For RCHS students and teachers, this means that NTI (non-traditional instruction) will continue beyond the previously-announced date of April 20.

Beginning on Tuesday April 14 (the first school day after spring break) students will have TWO SEPARATE OPTIONS in their continuation of learning for NTI Day 19 and beyond, as we explain below:

Option A: Digital Assignments using MasteryPrep

Students will be required to work on MasteryPrep daily and progress will be monitored online by their teacher.  Students should complete by April 24th:

  1. Both practice ACT tests
  2. All videos pertaining to results of the tests
  3. Quizzes (as they become available; expected by mid-April)

The complete instructions for using MasteryPrep are in a document which can be viewed and/or printed at this link (or to get started right away, here is the direct link).

Option B: Paper Assignments in Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing

Students that choose this second option instead of online MasteryPrep will complete daily paper assignments in these 4 subjects, which will include some writing components. Students may pick up these packets at school or download/print them below. Assignments will be added later for April 27-May 1 (and perhaps beyond…)

If anyone has questions regarding these options, please contact your 1st block teacher, or call the High School at 270-866-3341.

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