NTI Assignments for Days 14-18 Available; Days 4-8 Due on 3/25

As was announced by Superintendent Ford on Wednesday of this week, Russell County Schools will remain closed for a third week (March 30 – April 3) due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Students will need to complete NTI assignments for Days 14-18 during that week.

RCHS Students were sent home with paper copies of these assignments when we last met in-person on Friday March 13. However if they are needed, you may download/print the PDF packet of these assignments below.

It has also been announced that NTI work for Days 4-8 are due by Wednesday March 25. They may be sent electronically to teachers, or dropped off at schools before 2pm on 3/25. Students may contact their 1st block teachers or the high school for more information at 270-866-3341.

Mr. Ford noted that plans are forthcoming in the event that in-person classes are cancelled beyond spring break (April 6-10). We have also been reminded about the continuing food delivery/pickup options that are available, as well as the continued availability of Healthy Kids Clinic services.

As we stated in a previous article, this is a situation that may encompass changes as we progress through this experience. We will keep you as up to date as we can regarding any additional information information that comes along. We hope that everyone takes measures during this time to remain as healthy as possible.

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