RC Schools to Close Thru March 27th Due to COVID-19 Concerns

Following the recommendation of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) concerns, Russell County School Superintendent Michael Ford has decided to close schools from Monday March 16th through Friday March 27th. The possibility has been left open that this closure could be extended further.

Today, students were sent home with additional NTI work to cover the upcoming cancellation period as well as a possible extension. Students currently have assignment packets for NTI Days 4-10 (sent home in December), but today have been issued additional NTI assignments for Days 11-13 as well as a packet for a possible Day 14-18 in the event that the cancellation is extended beyond March 27. A DOWNLOADABLE/ PRINTABLE PDF OF DAY 11-13 ASSIGNMENTS IS AVAILABLE BELOW:

In an email to parents and guardians yesterday regarding the closure and services that will continue to be offered during this time, Mr. Ford stated: “We understand that while students may not be ‘in school’ during this period, there will be things that come up that we might be able to assist you with (EX:  Student turning 16 and needs a “no pass-no drive” form to get an drivers permit, grade report for a scholarship application, a family situation, a sickness, etc…please reach out to us with any questions or concerns 270-343-3191 or email at  and we’ll assist you in every capacity that we can.”

In follow-up emails, Superintendent Ford had information regarding the availability of meals for kids. The schools will be delivering food to those students in need. In order to have the food delivered, call the school and if no answer, call 270-343-3191. Students will also be able to come pick up food from 11-12 (Monday-Friday), but students will not be allowed to eat on campus. Parents can pick up food at one school for students at multiple schools if their children attend different schools in the district. Kids that are not yet school-aged are also eligible for meals. A flyer with more information regarding meal availability is being published today.

Please keep in mind that this is a situation that may encompass changes as we progress through this experience. We will keep you as up to date as we can regarding any additional information information that comes along. We hope that everyone takes measures during this time to remain as healthy as possible.

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