Senior Superlatives Announced

This fall the seniors at RCHS voted for the superlatives to represent the class of 2020. The results are as follows:

Trendsetter- Hector Escamilla & Jayden Padilla

Most Studious- Marcus Allen & Chloe Bradley

Wittiest- Ben Flatt & Emily Antle

Most Likely to Be a Model- Isaiah Ford & Madison Bell

Most Organized- Connor Williams & Daisy Pratt

Friendliest- Kolten Grider & Abigail Bunch

Most Likely to Succeed- Hayden Browning & Maggie Gossage

Most Likely to be on the Bachelor/Bachelorette- Jared Sanders & Kalee Smith

Most Likely to Spend the Day Working at the Vocational School- Noah Irvin & Hannah Dabney

Most Artistic- Tristan Roy & Kiera Belcher

Most Talented- Chad Capps & Skyla Lawless

Most Dependable- Austin Coffey & Lindsey Wooldridge

Most Athletic- Briley Hadley & Shiaynn Elkins

Most School-Spirited- Chase Carpenter & Elizabeth Jones

Most Likely to Brighten Someone’s Day- Colby Lawson & Auburn Butler

Best All Around- Patrick Bernard & Aubrie Popplewell

Congratulations to these seniors from the Class of 2020!

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