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Science Teacher Kerri Adkins Earns Her Doctorate

Recently one of Russell County High’s teachers has earned her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from WKU. Dr. Kerri Adkins is a pivotal part of not only our science department but also our school as a whole. She defended her doctoral dissertation in November and graduated in December.

According to Dr. Adkins, ” The most challenging part of the process was the dissertation paper.  When you take college classes, you have assignments and those assignments have deadlines.  You also have directions and rubrics to follow.  With a dissertation, there is little guidance.  You have no deadlines and it is up to you to figure everything out on your own.  Your committee is there to help some, but for the most part, you have no one else to ask.”

The topic of her doctoral dissertation paper was regarding the reasons why academically capable females are choosing not to pursue degrees in STEM fields. According to Dr. Adkins (now in her 3rd school year at RCHS) “I learned so much regarding STEM and females in STEM; I learned so much about myself through the process as well.”

Despite the years of hard work involved in earning this degree and title, she found it to be very rewarding work. She believes it could open opportunities for her in the future in the way that she encourages her students to aspire for the very best they can be.

Dr. Adkins says her biggest motivation is owed to her three children, and that she wanted to show them that they could do anything they put their minds to, which is a underlying lesson she tries to implement in the classes she teaches here. On behalf of RCHS, we’d like to say “Congratulations, Dr. Kerri Adkins!”

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