Bulletin Board Recognizes Students with 25+ on ACT

To recognize the hardworking students of Russell County High School who have achieved a score of 25 or higher composite ACT score, a bulletin board in the front lobby has been created to acknowledge them. It features the individual pictures of students who accomplished this goal.

The current students who have (so far) been credited with this outstanding achievement are as follows:

  • Taylor Abernathy
  • Emily Antle
  • Allie Burton
  • Cody Abner
  • Chloe Bradley
  • Benjamin Flatt
  • Elisha Fletcher
  • Whitney Gaskin
  • Maggie Gossage
  • Abigail Grant
  • Samuel Leveridge
  • Daniel Needham
  • Prem Patel
  • Aubrie Popplewell
  • Daisy Pratt
  • Tristan Roy
  • Alexis Smith
  • Colby Smith
  • Logan Stanelle
  • Natalie Woodcock

If you have recently taken the ACT and have achieved a composite score of 25 or higher and your picture is not yet featured on the bulletin board, please see Mrs. Darnell in the counselors’ office to receive the recognition you deserve. Please note that it often takes months for scores to be transferred to the high school from ACT.

Congratulations to all of these students on reaching this goal!

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