TSA Club Holds 1st Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta

On Friday November 8th at 3pm the Technology Student Association club held their 1st annual “Cardboard Boat Regatta” race. This event allowed students grades 4th and up to use their own creativity and skills to build a boat out of only regular boxes and tape and race them across the pool at the Auditorium Natatorium Complex.

Clay Holder and Marcus Allen received the Titanic Award with their “Tri-toon” design, but Zander Gossage and Bailey Coleman came in 1st place by competing the race in the best overall time trial. Diana Palacios came in 2nd with her boat.

For the amount of time and materials used, each group did an amazing job using their own creativity and hands-on skills to build their boats. TSA club sponsor Mrs. Ackerman is already excited about holding the project and race again next year. Check out the video linked above (by Bailey Coleman aka “Fixifer” on YouTube) for footage of the race with commentary as well as a behind-the-scenes making-of the boats.

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