Students Commit to “Bring Your Bible to School Day” Oct. 3

Two RCHS students are leading the way this week in a national student-led movement known as Bring Your Bible to School Day. Colin Darnell and C.J Vonfumetti have filmed a short promotional video encouraging fellow students to join this nationwide, student-led movement happening on Oct. 3.

There is a banner set up in the lobby that students can sign, indicating that they pledge to bring their Bibles and join the movement on Thursday. Darnell and Vonfumetti, two members of the Laker Football team, also appear in uniform on the banner.

Bring Your Bible to School Day is student-led event that encourages students to share their faith with others and let their light shine! More information on the movement, which involved more than 650,000 students nationwide last year, is available at

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