RCHS Welcomes Mr. Steven French

Let’s meet another one of our new teachers in the building this year!  I recently interviewed Mr. Steven French, who teaches a variety of subjects, and is the new offensive coordinator for the Mighty Laker Football team.

Mr. French has a major in mathematics and physical education, and has so much to offer to our school. He graduated from EKU and Campbellsville University, has been teaching for eleven years, and also played football in college.

His career started long before high school or college, he has always been the type of person to want to help others learn new things and be a leader throughout his childhood–not to mention both of his parents were teachers.

Mr. French’s main goal is to educate students who attend RCHS to be productive members of society. He has many talents and just by the few minutes I got to speak with him it was not hard to tell that he was determined to achieve that goal.

We are very excited to welcome Mr. French, and we hope he has a great first year as an RCHS teacher!

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