New Class Officers Just Announced

On Wednesday the students at RCHS voted to elect students to fill the Class Officer positions in each grade for the 2019-2020 school year. Each class has chosen 5 students to represent their grade for this school year. Class Officers help the school’s administration in planning and creating events, school functions, and also to be a voice for the students in their grades. Below is a list of the results of the 2019-2020 Class Officer elections.

Senior Class Officers 2019-2020:

President: Kolten Grider

Vice President: Aubrie Popplewell

Secretary: Daisy Pratt

Treasurer: Prem Patel

Reporter: Mattie Smith

Junior Class Officers 2019-2020:

President: Collin Darnell

Vice President: Clay Anderson

Secretary: Kylee Roy

Treasurer: Juliah Bault

Reporter: Camryn Woodrum

Sophomore Class Officers 2019-2020

President: Sophie Shearer

Vice President: Lindsey Darnell

Secretary: Morgan Jones

Treasurer: Gavin Gossage

Reporter: Morgan Taylor

Freshman Class Officers 2019-2020:

President: Cheyenne Robertson

Vice President: Cheyenne Reinhart

Secretary: Ari Hare

Treasurer: Jayden Lee Anderson

Reporter: Sierra Seaton

Congratulations to these students! We wish you the best in your upcoming leadership positions for this school year.

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