LCATC Holds Cut-outs Fundraiser

The Lake Cumberland Area Technology Center (LCATC) is holding a fundraiser to support the Skills USA student organization. In this fundraiser they are selling wooden cut-outs of the United Sates of America that are 15″ X 30″* and priced at $25 each, wooden cut-outs of Kentucky that are 15″ X 30″ and priced at $20 each, wooden cutouts of letters that are 14″ X 14″ A-Z and $10 each, wooden cut-outs of crosses that are  5″ X 7″ and priced at $10 each.

In addition to wooden cut-outs, they are also selling metal cut-outs. Options are: a deer in scope that is 15″ X 15″ and costs $20, a buck cut-out that is 9″ X 9″ that costs $15, a buck and doe cut-out that is 10″ X 13″ that costs $15, a UK symbol that is 17″ X 12″ that costs $25, personalized door signs that are 10″ X 13″ and cost $30, and an anchor that is 7″ X 8″ and costs $10. you can order your cut-out of whatever you choose by going to the Lake Cumberland Area Technology Center Facebook page and privately messaging them or by calling 270-866-6175 to place your orders.  Orders can be picked up between 2:30-3:00 PM daily (welding products are by order only and can be picked up next day).

*All sizes are approximate.

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