National Breakfast Week Gift Card Winners

As many of you know, this past week (March 4-8) our school has been participating in National Breakfast Week. This week is celebrated all over the country and is set aside for schools to showcase their cafeterias and increase participation of students eating breakfast. Each day this week, special and unique breakfast items were available in the cafeteria, such as fruit smoothies.

Students here at RCHS were encouraged to go through the line on their way to 1st class. By entering their lunch number, students were entered into a drawing for special prizes. We were so lucky to have First National Bank as our school’s sponsor for this event.  They graciously donated eight $25 gift cards.

This week’s winners are as follows:
Day 1 – John Paul Roberts and Caitlin Stargel
Day 2 – Steven Albrecht and Jeffrey Jones
Day 3 – Janson Flatt and Joshua Tucker
Day 4 – Josiah Silverman and Nathaniel Huckelby

Thank you, First National Bank, for sponsoring our school this week as we participated in and celebrated National Breakfast Week!

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