Senior Superlatives Announced

This past week the seniors at RCHS voted on superlatives for the Class of 2019. The results are as follows:

Most Likely to Succeed-Brannon Lawson & Hailey Howard

Most Creative-Justin Burton & Alex Davis

Most Talented-Nic Miniard & Kelsey McFarland

Most Athletic-Ben Abrell & Addison Loy

Most Studious-Colton Carnes & Kate Proctor

Most School-Spirited-Ryan Yates & Destiny Weddle

Most Thoughtful-Chad Grider & Sarah Lawson

Neatest-Joe Godby & Jayln Loy

Friendliest-Jesse York & Tina Thomas

Best Personality-Nick Pierce & Abigail Loy

Best Looking-Kyle Roy & Haley Gray

Best All Around-Jovani Lucas & Abbie Coffey

Wittiest-Bryson Hicks & Madelyn Preston

Most Flirtatious-Peyton Back & Alexis Capps

Mr. & Miss. RCHS-Austin McQueary & Kaylyn Loy


Along with senior superlatives, the rest of the student body voted for Mr. & Miss. for their grade. The results are as follows:

Mr. & Miss. Junior-Trevor Stapp & Daisy Pratt

Mr. & Miss. Sophomore-Collin Darnell & Evan Hoover

Mr. & Miss. Freshman-Sawyer Swann & Sophie Shearer

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