Prom Dresses and Suits Available

Thanks to a program that is spearheaded by RCHS teacher Roxann Lawless, our Library has on display some dresses and suits for anyone that needs one for the 2019 Prom or the Military Ball. They are free to anyone that would like to take advantage of this wonderful program. 

Students can pick out any dress or suit and try them on before taking them. This year is the first time they have suits and shoes available for boys.  They will continue to be available up until Prom and the Military Ball.  Mrs. Lawless as well as Library Media Specialist Stephanie McGowan will continue to accept donations of dresses, suits, and shoes. 

Everything will be displayed throughout this week for people to come see what is offered. All sizes and colors are accessible and we would love for you to come check it out if you need a dress or suit!

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