Ben Sapp is Finalist for Outstanding KY Ag Athlete of the Year

The Kentucky Agriculture Department in partnership with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association offers a scholarship to athletes who are also involved in both agriculture and athletics. In applying for this scholarship, RCHS senior Ben Sapp had to provide his accolades and awards won in both FFA and sports along with writing an essay about how agriculture has helped him in life and in sports.

The Ky. Agriculture Department narrows the applicants down and selects 6 finalists that will be introduced at a Sweet Sixteen basketball game on March 8th. There they will also announce the winner. Ben Sapp has played sports and been an active member of the FFA throughout his entire high school career. He is a guard in basketball and plays third base, outfield, and pitches on the baseball team. He has a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) in Ag Services and Grain Production. Ben has also met all the requirements for his KY State FFA Degree through his SAE, participation in FFA, and community service hours.

We are so proud of Ben and all of the hard work he has put in, we wish you the best of luck!

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