BREAKING: Richardson Named Laker Football Coach

Russell County High School is proud to announce today that it has named long-time assistant coach Ryan Richardson as the next Head Coach of the Laker Football program.  Richardson has been an assistant Laker Football coach for several years, and his most recent stint was as Defensive Coordinator under previous coach Bill Sharp.

Richardson, a teacher at the Laker Success Academy, began playing organized football in 6th grade, and played through high school for the Lakers (1986-1989 seasons).  He began his football coaching career as a member of Rodney Johnson’s Laker Football staff in 1991 while still in college.  “In the back of my mind I knew I always wanted to be the Head Coach of Laker Football one day, although I didn’t know when or if I would get the opportunity,” Richardson said, “but God opens up doors at the right time.”

Coach Richardson desires to establish a culture of discipline, integrity, hard work, and winning football.  “From Youth League all the way up through high school, I think there needs to be a stronger culture established. I want to create a winning mentality as well as turn out quality young men on and off the football field,” Richardson said.

As far as assistant coaches for the upcoming season, Richardson’s expectation is that most of the current staff will return in some role.  Current players will be evaluated, and football strategies will be designed to take advantage of player strengths and how they can best help the team.

Richardson’s message to the fans is one of high hopes and expectations.  “We have great support among the public, but we can always use more.  Our goal at Laker Football is to create a program here that not only the school and the parents can be proud of, but we want the community to be able to embrace us and be proud of us too.  In order to do that we have to run a high-character program that people are proud of.  In the end we have to put a product on the field that people want to watch week after week.”

Coach Richardson is excited to begin spring practices in the wake of spring break in April.  We would like to congratulate him on this opportunity and wish him the best of success!

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