FFA Hosts Regional Winter Contest Day

This past weekend our very own FFA chapter hosted the Regional Winter Contest Day. There were 6 chapters that came to compete in addition to Russell County: Lincoln County, Taylor County, Green County, Southwestern, and Pulaski County. This event is hosted in conjunction with Murray State University, who supplied all of the prompts and tests for the competition. The two areas of competition that our FFA chapter competed in was Ag Sales and Jr. Employability Skills.

The Ag Sales competition consists of an individual and team competition. The state of Kentucky set an overall topic, which the chapter found out months ago. The topic was bees, therefore all of the team members had to research all about bees; bee production, sales, guides, etc. They put all of their information into a binder and studied it up until the day of competition. When competing as a team they are given a scenario and 15 minutes to prepare and present their results. Some of the indicators they are judged on are effective listening, oral communication, demonstrated cooperation, respect, participation in the team preparation, product knowledge, building report, establishing common interests, and active listening. The team members were seniors Brannon Lawson, Mandy Nelson, Ashley Miller, and sophomore Marcus Jones. The team ended up winning 2nd place. These four students also competed in the individual competition where they had to interact with a judge one-on-one to sell them a product. The indicators were slightly different in this part of the competition, some of them were first impression, needs and wants, features and benefits, and active listening.

Sophomore Kara Ryder competed in the Jr. Employability Skills competition for the first time and won 1st place out of five schools. She was scored on three components: resume and cover letter (300 points), initial phone contact (100 points), and a personal interview (500 points). The resume and cover letter had to be based on Kara’s actual work experience and targeted toward an entry-level job for which she would be currently qualified for. The phone contact lasts between 3-5 minutes and they are asked questions regarding aspects of the participant’s resume. The personal interview is with a panel of judges and lasts no longer than 10 minutes.

In addition to the students who competed in the competition, there were also four students who attended to work. Jaden Cain, Braden Smith, Elizabeth Smith, and Makalyn Wade were judges assistants and hall monitors. There were also 7 community judges who came to volunteer as judges. Mrs. Garmon and Mr. Gossser, along with the entire FFA chapter are proud of all who competed and thankful for all of the volunteers.

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