NJROTC Air Rifle Competition

On Wednesday October 24th, the Russell County NJROTC traveled to Jonesborough, Tennessee to compete at the David Crockett High School NJROTC Appalachian Rifle Match.

Each school that participates has multiple teams made up of 4 members.  Every member gets a total of 60 shots that get scored from 3 different positions which are: Prone (lying down), standing, and kneeling. On each position they get 2 “sheets” that have 10 targets each and every shot is made from approximately 33 ft with the highest possible score of 10 points for every target.

Our Russell County NJROTC Rifle team competed with 10 members with the most impressive member being the first year Rifle team member, Angle Johnson, who produced the 2nd highest prone target out of 89 competitors with a score of 194 out of 200. Member Will Miniard however, scored the highest overall score from our team which consists of: Michael Baldwin, Nathaniel Hatton, Zackery Thompson, Kayle Coffey, Layton Garner, Jacob Bowling, Colby Lawson, Korrin Therrien, and of course Angle Johnson and Will Miniard. Congratulations to our NJROTC for all their hard work!

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