Mr. Gosser’s Class Makes Scale-Model Greenhouses

In Mr. Dustin Gosser’s Greenhouse Management class, students built a to-scale model greenhouse to mimic a real life commercial greenhouse as a project in their Greenhouse Structures and Designs unit.

They were required to pick a type of structure of a greenhouse, a heating system, cooling system, and other varieties of components to put in them. Throughout the class, the students will learn more about greenhouses and will take their knowledge they gained and contribute it to their greenhouses and make a budget plan, marketing plan, and other additions to count as their final in the class.

They have put a lot of thought into these greenhouses, and have worked countless hours to make them their best. Mr. Gosser has taught his students the importance of making a plan, then completing their goals in the end and have a successful product. Each greenhouse is specific to the student that created it, and shows the thought they put into the design and structure that they chose. We love to see projects such as this one that shows the knowledge we learn in our classes!

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