Spanish Class Celebrates Day of the Dead

This week in Mrs. Godby’s Spanish class, students have been bringing in their personal Ofrendas.  An Ofrenda is a memorial of someone who has passed; however, Mrs. Godby made it an option for her students to honor a living person as well.

In Mexico, they begin celebrating Day of the Dead on October 31st and it ends on November 2nd. Day of the Dead is simply a celebration of life, instead of mourning over losing a loved one they commend those lives with a “party” so to speak. Some religions in Mexico believe that the spirits return on this day, therefore they can see how people are honoring them.

Mrs. Godby’s class was given this assignment as soon as they got back from fall break and had until this week to complete it. To prepare for this, they watched the movie Coco and completed a research project. The Ofrenda had to include a picture of the person they were honoring, their favorite food and drink, candles, skulls, flowers, a towel, water, and some of their favorite activities they enjoyed throughout life. This project was a great way for RCHS students to learn about Mexican culture and a holiday that we do not celebrate.

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