Annual Elementary Cross Country Meet Held at RCHS

On Thursday, October 25th, the RCHS varsity Cross Country team held the annual elementary cross country meet. The kids from the surrounding elementary schools (JES, RSES, and SES) practice long and hard for this moment. On this event, kids K-5th grade come to RCHS to run a 1 mile course to compete against each other and to have fun!

The event starts by our athletics director, Micheal Carpenter, welcoming the kids and having a word of prayer. After that, the 1st call for the kindergarten girls race is made. This goes on until every boy and girl of every grade gets an opportunity to run.

At the end of the race, the kids are given a bag of goodies and the top 5 runners of every grade and gender are recognized for their performance. Overall this event is made for parents and staff to come out to support and celebrate the hard work of our kids!

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