Digging Deeper into The Marketing Career Pathway Classes

As many of you know, students are required to pick a career pathway when entering RCHS. This pathway is important for students because many of the classes they take are based upon it. Students chose their pathway based on what they are most interested in learning about. A few of the pathways here at RCHS include Allied Health, Ag, and marketing.

The classes in the marketing career pathway have been hard at work. Mrs. Cheryl Wooten loves to include real world examples and hands on activities in her classes. For example, students in her entrepreneurship class are in the process of making and selling buttons that they designed personally. Some of the designs revolve around their favorite patterns or sports teams.

Also, her fashion marketing class has recently studied textiles, threads, and yarns. To go along with this lesson, students made their own bracelets and were able to personalize them. These are just a couple of the fun hands on and real-world activities that are taught in the marketing career pathway classes.

Students who are interested in purchasing items made by the marketing classes may visit Mrs. Wooten!

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