Be the Hero – Steve Paysen Speaks to Students at RCHS

Today, Russell County High School brought in guest speaker Steve Paysen to address our students in an assembly. Mr. Paysen has been traveling all across the United States sharing his and his son’s story to over 70,000 high school students.

The message that Mr. Paysen delivered was all about choices. As he spoke, he told students his story of how one bad decision led to a lifetime of regret and a struggling addiction to drugs and alcohol, only later to being removed from his household and disappointment from his family.

Mr. Paysen then explained to students how he overcame the addiction and stared a new life. He then told students of his son’s story, a member of the United States Armed Forces, who saved two young women from the terrorist organization “ISIS” and their Human Trafficking affairs.

With this presentation, Mr. Paysen really seemed to touch the hearts of the students of Russell County High School.  Steve Paysen will be speaking tonight at 6:30 P.M @ Jamestown First Baptist Church.

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