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This year at RCHS, we have new leadership for our FCA club. FCA is Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  FCA’s members have a goal to share God’s love with as many people possible through different events. They don’t want students to be afraid to share their faith.  Mrs. Kelly Milburn, one of the new leaders, talked to us about what her plans are for FCA this year. She said that they would like to have more events outside of school.

This morning before school, the FCA held an event called “See You At the Pole”, where students met and worshiped God through devotion and prayer. The devotion was led by a senior, Isabelle Loy, and the prayer was led by a junior, Jared Sanders. The students who attended got to pray for their school, teachers, friends, classmates and families. Their hope was to glorify God and hope that the Christians at RCHS can be unified. It was a great turnout, and FCA is already doing amazing things this school year.

Their next upcoming event will be on Thursday, September 27th. They will be holding a bonfire at 7pm at the track at the school. This will be a time of fun and worship, and Mr. Dylan Beasley will be giving a devotion. Come out to the bonfire for some s’mores and fun!

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