Two RCHS Students Tour D.C. Over The Summer

I have recently taken the time to sit down and interview two RCHS Seniors who were lucky enough to tour Washington D.C. over the summer. RCHS Seniors Aquinna Allen and Kayla Keen were chosen to go on the South Kentucky RECC youth tour in June. Two upcoming seniors from each Southern Kentucky county who have RECC service are chosen.

First, I asked Aquinna how she began the week. “On the first day we stopped at a hotel and saw where Thomas Jefferson’s home, where he lived and where he grew up,” Aquinna stated. “Later in the trip we visited the holocaust museum, a cathedral, and lots of other places.” She also told me that they were able to see the White House but couldn’t go inside.

“Getting picked for this trip is a huge accomplishment and requires putting in a little work,” Kayla explained. “I had fill out an application and write an essay on why I wanted to go and why I deserved to go.” Kayla also told me that she would encourage upcoming seniors to apply for this amazing opportunity. The trip helped open her eyes and show her how bad of shape our country is in and how much we often take for granted. Kayla also stated that, “This trip helps you see the history of our country and how it came to be.”

Aquinna and Kayla were both extremely blessed and thankful to have been picked for this opportunity. They both loved Washington and highly encourage eligible upcoming seniors to apply. This was a trip of a lifetime for two of our RCHS students!

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