Big Changes for the Laker Cafe

I am sure many of you have noticed the recent changes in the Laker Cafeteria, and there are a lot more coming your way. I got the chance to interview Mrs. Susan Melton (Director of Food Services) and get all the insight for the new look of the cafeteria. This plan came about when funds kept building up for the food service department and if they didn’t use them the government was going to take it away. When they looked through the entire district they decided on an update for the RCHS cafeteria. It was time for a change, and that’s what Mrs. Melton wants to bring.

A positive change that will make students enjoy their time in the cafeteria. Her vision is to bring a marina vibe to the cafeteria. They are going to put in a new sound system so that students will be able to watch sporting events and listen to music. There will also be new wall decor such as anchors, oars, and canvases of Lake Cumberland. There will no longer be any more round tables, only high top tables and booths that will include charging stations for phones, tablets, and laptops. Mrs. Melton has also partnered with the vocational school to produce new dividers that will replace the black ropes. She wants the marina theme to be carried throughout the entire space. She is even going to put stone on the wall where the dish return is located. Mrs. Melton was very enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming changes. She cannot wait for her vision to be complete when all the students are enjoying their new space.

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