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Recently I have interviewed some students who attended the Governor’s Scholars Program over the summer of 2018. Those students are Colton Carnes, Allie Wilson, Brannon Lawson, Payton Riggins, Isabelle Loy, and Abigail Loy. Brannon, Payton and Allie were on the campus of Northern Kentucky University. Colton was on the campus of Murray State University, and Isabelle and Abigail were on the campus of Morehead State University. Throughout the 5 week program they met new people, encountered different cultures, tried new games and activities, and learned many new things. They attended classes, community events, and overall, had a blast! Below are some questions I asked each student and their responses.

To Abigail Loy: “What was your favorite memory from GSP?”

Abigail: “Every week we would get together and pick out costumes for the different themed dances they had. It was a lot of fun!”

To Isabelle Loy: “What was your favorite thing about Morehead?”

Isabelle: “I got to visit many places in the downtown area of Morehead such as the Fuzzy Duck with my friends, and that was fun!”

To Allie Wilson: “What were some activities you got to do in your free time?

Allie: I tried to do every thing I could while at GSP, and I learned how to knit, I went to gardening club, and we played many different board and card games.  It was so much fun.”

To Payton: “What was one of your favorite memories from GSP?”

Payton: “My favorite memory from GSP was when we got to attend a Cincinnati Red’s game. It was our first community field trip therefore we just started to form friendships, so it was a time for us to build on those friendships and bond as a whole. I will always remember going to this game because it was the craziest I acted in a long time. We started our own wave, chants, the rollercoaster, it was overall just a great time.”

To Colton: “What was your favorite moment from GSP?”

Colton: “I won the Urban Legend award, and it was amazing to get recognition for it since I worked so hard on it”

To Brannon: “Why would you recommend GSP to students who are eligible to apply?”

Brannon: “This program was like no other, and everything about it from the students, the teachers, the culture and environment, was incredible, and it is something that you just cannot get anywhere else.”

Overall, the students had an amazing experience, and each of them highly recommends this program!

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