All about the Class Officers of 2018-19

Hey Lakers! Recently I have interviewed the class officers of each class. First I interviewed Evan Hoover, the sophomore class president. Evan had many great ideas that she wanted to take place this school year. Evan wanted to have more pep rallies this year to get the students pumped up for the games, and she also wanted every student to have Laker Pride. She hopes for everyone to get along and form into one big family. Aubrie Popplewell, the junior class president, has some high hopes for this year as well! She hopes to get everyone involved, and have Laker Spirit. She also plans to close the prom this year, so the junior and senior class can have a more special, and sentimental event. We also asked Aubrie what being class president meant to her, and her response was that she hopes everyone can see how much work and effort the class officers and administration put into our school and students. Lastly, we interviewed the senior class president, Dana Watts, and the vice president, Brannon Lawson. Above is a link that shows them being interviewed. They have already put in a lot of work into this school year, and hope to bring back the true Laker spirit!

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