Senior Sunrise Event

Senior Sunrise

This past week on Thursday, August 23rd a group of RCHS seniors gathered at the football field to watch the sunrise in symbolism of starting the new year together in bright way. They assembled around 5:30 A.M. and soon after, Dana Watts, the senior class president, opened up the morning with a message to the seniors that were there. She also introduced senior, Kelsey McFarland, to sing “What Love Really Means” followed by Mr. Allen’s message that was near to his heart about the senior class as a whole and what he hopes we can accomplish over the next year.

When interviewing Mr.Allen he expressed his feeling of honor to be apart of such a special moment for the seniors. “It really could not have gone better. I hope it becomes a tradition for every senior class that comes through RCHS.” He was not alone in feeling a positive presence at the sunrise, senior Chad Grider stated, “It was such a good experience for all of us to gather with our classmates. I hope they make it a tradition from now on.” Another senior, Connor Fletcher, told me how special it was to him to be apart of the first group of seniors to do the Senior Sunrise, as well as how special he feels to have great class officers to plan things like this. “They are working extremely hard for us; there is so much effort being put in to our last year and it makes me feel even more motivated to go out and do stuff myself.” The Senior Sunrise was a great success, everyone there was touched in a unique way and will remember it forever.

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